The structure of the system is simple. Pretend you want to make changes in your home. You are unhappy with a few rooms in your house. You have an objective: Guests are coming in a few months and you want to make a few upgrades before they arrive.


The first step is to decide which room in your home you want to start with. Which room will have the most impact and will provide you with the most satisfaction? You need to establish the vision of the new room. Let's say you have decided on re-modelling your kitchen, you would decide on hardwood floors, cupboards, countertop, pain, color, etc. In a business project, it translates to establishing goals, objectives, detailed targets and timeframe.


The second step is demolition and cleaning. Before installing the new cupboards, you will need to remove the existing ones, as it is impossible to install new cupboards on top of the old ones. There is a need to eliminate limiting beliefs, negative emotions and barriers and change neuro pathways in the brain in order to re-create new ones.


Once you have created space, you can install and secure the new floors and cupboards. You are mentally ready to install new behaviours and beliefs along with the action plan you elicited in step one. You can operationalize the objectives.


Most of us already know what we’re SUPPOSED to do. But why don’t we actually do it? Why endure the ongoing and exhausting negative self-talk? We waste so much time and energy trying to find answers, seeking help, hiring professionals, asking friend’s opinions while all the answers we need are within us. Nathalie P. will make you discover what is already INSIDE you — in your DNA. Using her proven processes and systems, you’ll find out the reasons why you’re not doing what you know you SHOULD be doing. You will discover the easy and effortless ways to reprogram your brain to become whatever you want to be. Stop saying you “could have” or “should have” and start DOING! You have all you need. Make your inner voice serve you and BE YOUR BEST.


You think everyone around you seems to be successful and you wonder what keeps you from reaching your goals? Do you feel super motivated for a while and then sometimes lose your confidence and get stuck? You sometimes feel like an imposter or a fraud, you feel ashamed, frustrated? You are afraid you are not enough? You procrastinate and push off what’s important to you to make room for what’s important for others? Nathalie P. will help you identify your limits, shadows and barriers in the way of your own success and help you reprogram your own brain and wire yourself for success.


 Obese and fitTHINK Yourself™ THIN – WEIGHT LOSS

Are you tired of promising yourself that this will be the year you finally lose weight? Why are you self-sabotaging yourself?

You exercise and you eat well but you’re still not losing weight? You need to learn how to ‘think healthy’ in order to achieve your goals. Nathalie P. will teach you the processes from her No.1 Best Seller THINK Yourself™ THIN and help you reprogram your own brain to lose weight and keep it off!

In your coaching sessions with Nathalie, you will learn the D.N.A. System that will teach you how to set your intentions, how to eliminate the barriers that were in the way of your weight-loss efforts and how to implement new healthy behaviours into your life.

You know exactly what to do in order to lose weight, but somehow, you are not doing it!


Contact Nathalie now and start DOING!


RELATIONSHIPS, LOVE & ROMANCEFamily Relaxing Together In Bed

Whether you’re having marital problems, struggling with a current relationship, having problems communicating with your child or have friends who are bad influences, you can learn specific tools to take your relationships to the next level. Nathalie has also helped many clients find their dream partner. If you’re just starting your search or whether you think you’ve tried everything to find that perfect partner, Nathalie can help you refocus your journey.

Young woman makes a face and thinking with question marks over head


Let Nathalie P. help you turn what you thought was a Dilemma into an OPPORTUNITY and get clear on what YOU want so that you can make an enlightened decision and feel confident about it! By discovering and getting rid of what’s in the way of making up your mind, you will finally be clear and free to chose what’s best for YOU. Should I apply for that new job or should I stay in my current position? Should I move in a new condo or stay in my house? Should I dump this guy or stay with him?






There’s nothing harder than trying to quit smoking, or dropping a bad habit. Regardless of what it is, it’s all about shifting your mindset and imagining what your life will be like once you’re free.





Do you want to progress your career? Change your job? Grow your business? Whatever your career goals, Nathalie P. can help you achieve them by helping you realize your full potential. See the Executive Coaching Page for more info.




 woman jumping with a red tissueTRAUMA, PHOBIA AND ALLERGY RELEASE 

Something in your life is preventing you from moving forward. Whether it is a traumatic experience, a phobia or an allergy, Nathalie P. can help you can create a different neuro-pathway in your brain in order for the memory, the specific phobia or the allergic reaction to trigger a different response in your body.



Nathalie P. can also help with many other facets of your life: releasing negativity, decreasing stress, healing techniques, time & stress management, decision making, motivation, and decluttering everything from your pantry to your life.

How does Nathalie P. help you with the struggles you’ve faced all your life? Using NLP (neurolinguistic programming), she can help you achieve your goals and produce fulfilling and lasting results in both your personal and professional life.

To book your free 15-minute consultation session, or for more information, contact Nathalie P.

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To book your free 15-minute consultation session, or for more information, contact Nathalie P.