About Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

Speaker, Life coach & Executive coach for over 10 years and published No.1 Best Selling author of 3 books on wellness and empowerment. Nathalie P. owned and operated a successful printing business for over 10 years and has over 15 years of experience in sales in the natural food industry. She is also a certified personal trainer and instructor with over 28 years of experience in the fitness industry, nutrition and wellness specialist and weight loss expert. Nathalie P. combines her sales strengths with the concepts of motivation and the brain programming processes she practices as a Master in Neur Linguistic Programming.


Nathalie was born in Saint-Raymond, a small town near Quebec city, Canada. You know how a lot of people have that kind of story that they suffered in their childhood or had a rough go at something in their life and then they turned their life around, learned from the events and then became stronger? Well, that could not be further away from the truth for Nathalie. She was raised by highly intelligent and spiritually advanced parents, in a positive and loving environment. Her parents were really into motivation and positive thinking. And to this day, they are still the most supportive and caring people on the planet. They are her coaches, friends, counsellors, fan club and Nathalie really looks up to them. ”They wired me to be the person that I am today at a very young age.”

She explains:

”In my childhood, they didn’t put a gate by the stairs when my brother and I were babies because they never wanted to imply that we could fall. They would instead say: “Be careful around there”. They didn’t say: “Don’t fall” or “Get out of there or you will fall”. If they needed me to bring a full glass of water to the table they would just say: “use a strong steady hand and bring this glass successfully to the table” instead of saying: “don’t spill it!”, creating anxiety around the action of carrying the water. Can you see the nuance?

There were signs everywhere in the house with motivational phrases like: “You can be everything you want”; “Yes you can”; “You will miss 100% of the shots you won’t take”; “If you’re going to do it, do it right”; ‘’There is no luck, you deserve everything you get’’; and ‘‘Luck is a word that was created by people who are too lazy to do what they have to do’’. My father’s favourite saying was: “NOT ABLE TO is dead, his little sister’s name is: TRY.”

On Sundays, we were not going to church (although we are Christian Catholics), but instead, my parents would make us sit in the living room to listen to some motivational tape cassettes from Jean-Marc Chaput, Zig Ziglar, Og Mandino, etc. So, needless to say, I was introduced to positive thinking at a very young age.

I lived in Quebec for a big chunk of my life. I then moved to Toronto, Ontario in my twenties, where I studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching. I now live in White Rock, British Columbia and recently completed my Master Practitioner Certification with the Robinson Group.

The name of my company is DNA Life Coaching. I do believe that everybody has whatever they need inside their DNA in order to obtain, achieve and be whatever they put their mind to. More than a company mission statement, I believe that my life purpose is to motivate and inspire others to be their best.

I got my first “calling” to help people at a very young age. My parents would not read us Disney stories at night. They would either sing us a song to put us to sleep with their guitar (which explains my love for music), or they would tell us motivational stories. Here is my favourite bedtime story: It is about an old man on the beach, who was throwing back the starfishes in the sea, one by one. A little girl asked him: “What are you doing sir?” and the old man responded: “I am saving the starfishes from dying, as the tide brought them to shore, they will dry and die if I don’t throw them back in the sea.” The little girl looked at the endlessly long beach and said: “But sir, no offence, but there are so many, you can’t save them all! It doesn’t really make a difference.” And the old man responded, as he was showing the little girl that starfish that he was holding in his hands: “Well my dear, for this particular starfish, it makes a whole world of difference.” I was thinking: “When I grow up, I will be a starfish saviour and save them all, one at a time!” And the rest is history.

 – If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one. – 
Mother Teresa

Nathalie P. works with clients one-on-one and helps people be what they want to be through her books and speaking engagements. She also has been using her fitness classes   as her favourite platform in order to help people be their best. She also works with kids in schools, which gives her even wider audience to impact and improve people’s lives because she believes if certain values are planted at a young age, they have a better chance to find their roots and flourish.

She was blessed to be given the tools to constantly boost her self- confidence so that she can go about living a life where she believes that she can do anything and succeed at everything she touches. Her mother used to tell her all the time: “You are great at everything you do”. Even today, there isn’t a day when she doesn’t hear her mom’s voice saying it to her over and over.

A funny example of how deep the roots of this belief have been planted inside her is to tell you how she chooses to react to certain situations in life.

She explains:

”I do a lot of seminars and speaking engagements. Sometimes, in my seminars, I see some people with their arms crossed. Most strategists would tell you that it means that they are not liking what they are hearing. Instead, I choose to believe that they are cold. It is a much simpler version which serves me much better at being at my best and continue to use all my skills in order to create rapport with my audience. By not letting this influence me in a negative way, I remain at my best and soon enough, I get them to “warm-up” to me. If I chose to belief that it is because I am not interesting, I may lose my self-confidence and my whole seminar might be put in jeopardy. It’s the same if someone rolls their eyes, I tell myself that what I just said contradicts something that they had heard before and what I am saying makes so much more sense and they are rolling their eyes at the old information that they used to believe. I don’t really know what they are thinking. I cannot mind- read. So I am making up a story anyways. I might as well make up a story that serves me. I am sure that if one day someone tells me to go to hell, I will think ”Hell” is the name of a new restaurant downtown!”

Nathalie P.’s accomplishments include her books No.1 Best Seller: Simple Success Strategies, No.1 Best Seller: Think Yourself Thin and When You’re Hungry, You Gotta Eat, her many publications in newspapers in Canadian and American medias including: Fox, NBC, KFVS, Travel Weekly, Daily Times Leader, numerous articles and interviews at Influencers Radio, Fuel Radio, Exploring Mind and Body and her complete 2 pages profile in the Defyeneurs Magazine along with my honors in the fitness industry including Fitness Instructor of the Year for Canada in 2006 and Top 5 Fitness Instructors of the Year for Canada in 2008.

She goes beyond coaching you; she retrains your brain to allow you to take charge of your own life and get inspired from within. 

”You can take a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”… Somehow, Nathalie can.

Her unique processes and her inspiring attitude, combined with her energy and contagious smile will empower you to be your best!

Don’t Just Be. Be Your Best

Professional Certificates:

    • International Baccalaureate, major Economics
    • BAA, Baccalaureate in Business Administration
    • Master Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programing
    • CFP Fitness instructor specialist
    • CFP Personal trainer specialist
    • CFP Nutrition and wellness specialist
    • Breakthrough Leadership
    • AIM
    • Les Mills BA, BP, BF, BS, BC, BJ, RPM
    • Les Mills Canada Assessor
    • NB
    • Schwinn
    • Yoga
    • RAB
    • BOSU
    • Zumba, Zumba toning, Zumba for kids, Zumba Sentao, STRONG
    • Gymstick
    • Stott pilates foam roller
    • Kettlebell
    • Gliding
    • BodyFit
    • CPR
    • First-Aid