Welcome back to the self-sabotage series. Today, we see another factor that causes us to do the reverse of what we know we should be doing. Why we are giving in to self-sabotage? Why is it that, for some specific behaviours, like watching television or wasting precious time, we think that these behaviours are stronger than we are? We believe that social medias has power over us? It is just a question of programming. Our own language leads to self-sabotage.

People keep programming themselves to be weak with some particular behaviours when looking at their business. They say: “Oh for me, selling is my downfall”, or “Marketing is my downfall.” When referring to their health, they say: “I have a sweet tooth”, “Chips are my downfall”. So they are programming the brain that when they are selling or marketing, or when they are facing sweets or chips, that they will be weak, inadequate and fall for it.

Doing tasks that bring us towards success should be exciting. There are some things you love doing. Things that you don’t need any “willpower” to accomplish. With THINK Yourself™ SUCCESSFUL, you will learn to program your brain to start loving and being good at what serves your success.

When you waste time or self-sabotage your career, who gives the call? Who is asking you to do so? Your brain is. What if your brain were conditioned to be successful instead? Would it still give you the order to unleash these limiting behaviours? Why are you working against yourself?

You are self-sabotaging because you are focusing on the wrong thing: Not screwing up, not being stressed, not rushing all the time, not feeling inadequate, not feeling like a fraud. Your brain hears stress, rush, inadequate and fraud.

Clients sit in my office constantly asking for the wrong thing. When I ask them how I can help them, their answer is usually focused on what they don’t want. They say: ”I don’t want to be stressed anymore, I don’t want to be rushing everywhere all the time, I don’t want to be angry and impatient…” And the list goes on. It is like telling your general contractor that you want them to paint your kitchen NOT blue. So, the question is, what do you want instead?

You want to re-write your life. Create a new life, slowly, starting with your own thoughts which will create your new healthy habits. Every time you hear yourself say or think about something you don’t want, ask yourself the magic questions: “What do you want instead?” “What do you really want?” And focus on the answers to these questions.


This is an excerpt from THINK Yourself™ SUCCESSFUL. Get the full book here.


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