Our brain’s neural pathways are responsible for our self-sabotage. We tend to settle too often with: “I am not good at this” before even trying or giving ourself a chance! Let’s say you live in a house surrounded by a thick cornfield. When you leave your house, there is no other path to follow except walking on the corn. You start stepping on it, and as you walk through the field, the corn bounces back up behind you. The second time you step on the same path, the corn bounces back up but it breaks a little and doesn’t come all the way up. The third time, the corn is weakened even more, and so on, until, one day, you have a perfectly flat path in front of your house that leads to your preferred destination.

For now, unfortunately, when thinking about success, the only path you know leads to self-doubt and fear. As you use your linguistic skills to change your thoughts, you will create new neural pathways inside your brain. That is how habits are created and formed. You will begin stepping onto a new path. This may feel hard at the beginning, as you have to break the corn to create the path, but once it’s created and you have been there several times, the path will be clear and wide. With time, the old path will grow new corn and will not exist as a path anymore, and you will soon forget about the old route.


The pathway’s information travels along through the neurons (nerve cells) of the brain and affects our memories. The more we review them in our mind, good or bad, the more deeply they are etched in our neural pathways.

Do you remember when you switched to your mobile phone? You had to learn a whole new way of phoning, texting, emailing, posting on social media . . . How about switching from a keyboard to a touch screen? You got this, right? You have learned, and you are now able to easily use your phone. All while you were trying to make your new phone work for you, there was more likely never an intention of returning to the flip phone right? You knew you would be able to learn it.


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