Are you a Sugarholic?

Alcoholism is a serious disease. We would all agree. But did you know that a high percentage of our populations are suffering from similar destroying disease? They are Sugarholic! Sugar is present in most manufactured food. Make sure you check your labels carefully and avoid the following ingredients when shopping: Sugar, sucralose, dextrose, (most ‘OSE’), […]

How to lose 80 pounds

I’ve just read this article on the MTP Spin website (news about cycling at Mount Pleasant’s GoodLife Gym) and I could not help it but sharing it with you. Marci lost 80 pounds and she is sharing her secret. Not sure if Marci knows or not, but her tips are really in line with Life […]

Resolution 2011: Declutter

Eliminate the un-necessary stresses created by clutter in your home. Do you get mad at your underwear drawer every morning as you fight to close it? Take 10 minutes and organize it! Start with little projects, like the baseball hat that has been on the back seat of your car for 2 years. Then take a couple hours and clean […]

Resolution 2011: Drink Drink Drink

Is your huge 1L bottle of water that you take to the gym enough? Do you live with the illusion that you drink enough water because you chug down two bottles during your fitness class?  We need to drink 8 to 10 cups per day ON TOP of what we drink at the gym. The […]

Resolution 2011: Fresh Air

As I exercice more than 10 times per week indoor, I find myself guilty of not taking enough time to go outside and enjoy some fresh air. We just spent a week in Quebec where we had an amazing time getting energized by the wonders of mother nature. In 2011, put some outdoor time to […]

Merry Christmas!

May 2011 give you everything that you want, take you everywhere you want to go and allow you to be whatever you want to be. Be Yourself. Be Your Best ! Keep coming on my site to follow the New Years Resolutions Countdown…. to be continued…