My mom used to say: “You cannot put your hand in a bucket of glue, without some of that glue sticking”. I think she was saying that for me to avoid hanging out with the wrong kids at school. LOL! However, this saying stayed with me and I am constantly seeking to hang out around successful people. I was invited to deliver my THINK Yourself™ SUCCESSFUL keynote this weekend to a US based company founded in 2009 out of Houston, Texas, where over 160 entrepreneurs filled the room with inspirational energy.

Lonnie McKinney, Founder and President of Nucerity International honoured the delegate with his presence. When I asked him what advice he would give any entrepreneur, he responded:

This is such a great tip to anyone wanting to succeed in any business. We tend to do our job, do what is asked or maybe we even sometimes try to get away with not doing all that is asked.

Enthusiasm is such a key to making our life more fun and enjoyable, along with the one of everyone in our presence. Fun is contagious!

Lesson learned. Thank you for inviting me to work with your team Lonnie!


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